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The Church Choir in 1936
The Church Choir in 1936

Regent Street Choir Outside the Old Barracks , circa 1936
Back Row
Jim Tyson, Alan Illingworth, Joe Sykes Illingworth, Bill Jones,
Stanley Innes, Duncan Innes, Bill Swan, Laurie Bean .
Middle Row
Elsie Jones, Rose Tyson, Winnie Innes, Sylvia Whitelock,
Molly Stephenson, Edith Readman, Mrs Jones, Jennie Lockie,
Doris Reeves (Croft), Alice Douthwaite, Ailsa (or Elsa) Elsie Illingworth, Peggy Fletcher, Jenny Innes (Fletcher).
Front Row
Mary Tyson, Jenny Hogg (Brown,) George Reeve, D.S. Innes,
Charles Reeves, Minnie Innes, Mary Swan.

Unfortunately the photo we have does not show Elsie Jones.

The Story of Hartlepool’s Baptists

In 1827 Hartlepool was little more than a village, with a population of 1,300, mostly fishermen there were a few people known as Baptists, but there is no written record of them until 1842 were church minutes show a desire of the Baptists to form a church.

On January 22nd 1843, the church formed under the Scottish Baptist Church. In March 1845 we joined the English Baptist Church.

The towns of Hartlepool and West Hartlepool eventually merged in 1967 to be called Hartlepool. The coastal area originally called Hartlepool is now known as The Headland.

The Baptist church on the Headland has been known by a few different names over the years: from the Hartlepool Baptists to Hartlepool Baptist Church (Regent Street) and now Headland Baptist Church.

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