Church Leadership

Baptists believe that, under God, the government of the local church is best done by church members meeting together in a spirit of prayer and friendship to discuss and agree on what God wants them to do. In a Baptist Church every member is encouraged to be involved and use their gifts.
The Church members appoints a group of deacons to take responsibility for day-to-day spiritual and practical leadership of the church.

Meet the Team

A church leaders, also called a Minister or Pastor, will have particular responsibility for preaching, teaching and pastoral care. Working alongside these ministers are also deacons, who together with the minister form the leadership team of Headland Baptist Church.

Elders are responsible for devoting themselves to prayer and the Word, governing the church, teaching the Word, and tending the fellowship of our church.

Our deacons are selected from within the membership.

The biblical qualifications for a deacon (1 Timothy 3:8-13) focus primarily on character and relationships within the church, family and community.

Fiona Preston

Minister In Training

Joe Grylls


Gwynneth Hauxwell


Julia Lawson

Deacon & Secretary

The Church Committee

Our committee are selected from within the membership.

The Secretary and Treasurer have traditionally been seen as key roles within the church. Due to the nature of the tasks they have been given they will need to work closely with the Minister (if there is one) and provide a good foundation for church administration generally. This is a vital part of the mission of the church and a good Secretary can help others to work effectively and avoid problems before they happen.