Abridged Timeline


The church formed under the Scottish Baptist Order.


Another baptism of two men, George Booth and Thomas Pounder Jnr, took place at 9am in The Slake, an area which is near the Middleton Docks.


The first resident pastor was Francis Hill.


A prayer meeting was held at 6 a.m. and at 7 a.m. there was a baptismal service for five people at the Old Pier.


Land on the North East corner of Chare-Head Field was leased to the church for use to build the Chapel on.


The stone laying ceremony of the new church building commenced beginning with the laying of the cornerstones and was later followed by a service and a public tea party.


The new chapel was opened for worship in February 1852.


A license to conduct marriages in the church was granted in September.


The church joined the Baptist Union of Great Britain and Ireland’s Ministerial Settlement and Sustentation Fund.


The original chapel was destroyed by the Germans during the bombardment of Hartlepool during the First World War.


The opening ceremony of the Baptist Church (Bombardment Memorial) chapel was presided over by Rev Harry Kay, with many guests from the town and region.


A service of Covenant and Dedication of the foundation members of West View Church which saw 28 members leave Regent Street to become the core of the new church.


The opening ceremony took place to open the new upper hall for the youth group.


The new Sunday School was started, with 250 children being registered.


Songs of Praise (Tyne Tees TV) came to Hartlepool to record a televised Easter service.


After extensive alterations to the chapel had been completed, the church celebrated with an opening service led by David Coffey. The church was renamed Headland Baptist Church during the service.


The Church hosted the live broadcast of the “Battle of The Bands” competition which was produced by God TV.


The Tall Ships Race arrived in Hartlepool, and the church put on a weeks’ worth of activities from a BBQ to a night of music and worship. Some Texans from First Baptist Church of Salado visited to help the church with these activities.