New To Us

This section of our website is specifically catered for those who are new to our church. We hope the following information will be useful to you.
Headland Baptist Church is a Christian church which holds to the belief that Jesus Christ is the One who gives us forgiveness, comfort and eternal hope. We believe that anyone can enjoy peace with God through Him.
Our church family is committed to providing relevant biblical teaching, comfort and support to those we meet. We provide a welcoming atmosphere for those looking to find their spiritual family

What we have been known as in the past.

This Baptist church on the Headland has been known by a few different names over the years: initially know in the 1800’s as the Hartlepool Baptists, it later during the 1900’s became Hartlepool Baptist Church (Regent Street) and was renamed in 2006 as Headland Baptist Church.

A list of our previous Ministers who served the church.

New to Hartlepool

Have you recently moved to the local area? Have you tried several churches but have been unable or uncomfortable to settle in any?
At HBC, we welcome those who are searching for a new church. We believe it is vitally important for believers to meet regularly together to learn, comfort and share fellowship with each other.
As a church for all ages and all walks of life, students and graduates, we hope that you will decide to come and visit us soon

Where to find us!

Headland Baptist Church Baptist Street Hartlepool TS24 0QN